General Motors EV1

1994 - 1997 - 1999


EV1 OEM Parts Search

... in order of importance ...

(we have some of these parts as reproductions, but would greatly
prefer OEM originals for eduction and history's sake)

Items in GREEN have been acquired - Thank you

1.  rear window glass
(currently have an aluminum surround [and rather like it)

2.  dash board IPC upper center display

3.  front suspension cradle aluminum cast sub-frame
(currently have a repaired sub-section)

4.  Galileo braking valve body, components, sensors, & BTCM
(yes, acknowledged that the BTCM is unobtainium, but worth a note)

5.  OEM wiring harness and associated modules, junction boxes
(currently have a custom harness)

6.  seat belt fixings and interior carpeting

7.  various blower motors and ducting

8.  steering column blinker, hazard, + wiper switches

9.  windscreen wiper motor assembly

9.1  windscreen wiper arms and shafts
(currently have non-original components)

10.  forward LPI charger mounting bracket
(currently have damaged section, replaced with custom aluminum section)

11.  radiator and condenser
(currently have custom units installed, would prefer OEM when possible)

12.  front wheel ' wells ', both R + L
(have made 3D CAD-CAM scans but custom molds are outrageously priced)

13.  front, center section, and rear body 'underside' pans
(currently have custom aluminum pans)

14.  headlights R + L
(currently have accident damaged lighting on both sides)

15.  driver and passenger side dash board airbag assemblies

16.  front windschield glass
(currently have cracked windscreen, fortunately not in the line of vision, but
would be keen on a spare)

17.  HVAC compressor mounting bracket
(currently have the compressor assy with custom brackets)

18.  trunk carpeting and convenience charger mounting bracket

19.  gearbox differential components

20.  OEM motor mounts
(currently have custom mounts & a set of early PreView mounts, but
have four (4) 'mountless' motors for displays)

21.  power steering pump-to-rack lines
(currently have all components but custom lines)