1998 S-10-E Electric Truck
EV1 System 110 Inverter/Drive train

Panasonic EV-95 NiMH installation c2008.06
The battery box
just removed from
the s10e.
Here is a look at the
EC-1260U PbA
batteries to be
Another view with
covers removed.  
My guess is that
this was the
vehicle's second
set of batteries,
with a set of
original Delphi
units preceeding
When I purchased
the vehicle the
batteries had sat
uncharged for +/-3
years.  I left them
on a slow charge
for about two
weeks just to see if
they would come
back to life.  Some
did okay, others did
A shot of the original
bottom tray of the
battery box.
Here we are test
fitting the EV-95s to
the upper tray.
Compairing the old
PbA and the EV-95.
More compairsons.
Another angle.
This is the battery
box frame structure.
The bottom of the box
without the bottom tray
installed.  Note the air
passages.  They caused
later modifications to the
ventilization systems
that will be noted in
pictures to follow.
The bottom tray has
been added here.
For compairson, we
now see the new
ventilization holes in
this shot.  The
EV-95s are cooled
from between the
cells rather then
from the sides per
the PbA design.  
Note some
passages had to be
opened sideways
and others
lenghtwise due to
the air flow
Preparing the
EV-95s for
Another angle.
Here we are test
fitting an EV-95,
checking for top, side
and lenght fitting &
alignment.  One down,
25 to go.
More fitting and
working out the
harness locations.
13 down 13 to go.
Note the white
plastic battery tops.
These were used on
early EV-95s.  They
coordinated with
the new box design
very well so we
used them for this
application, too.
Here the support
framing rails have
been added , and
although not visable
all the original HV
(high voltage)
cabling was
redesigned to with
the different
terminal locations.
This is the top tray
showing the
system.  Upon initial
testing the cooling
capacity was
outstanding.  Again
we see where
certain vents had to
be drilled sideways
to adjust for the
suppport framing
system blocking
airflow from below.
Here is an installed
angle on the top
26 down, lots of
details to go.
Tops and cabeling
Ready to be closed up
and reinstalled.  Note
the additional orange
harness for 4 added
native EV-95 temp
sensors and one
native pressure
sensor.  Each of
those sensors mirror
the stock Rav4-EV
parts & configuration.
All cleaned up and
ready to install.
Lookin' good.
One its way home.
I takes me about 2
hours working alone
to reinstall the box
from start to finish.  
That's not too bad
considering my 5th
grade leverage
techniques and  
+/-1,600lbs to skoot
around.  All in  a good
day's fun.
and the box is
Back in one-piece
after  two months of
planning and work.

The last phase of
this project will be
to "
engineer" the
BPCM calibration
sofware to properly
charge and care for
the new Panasonic
EV-95 NiMH
traction batteries.

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