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Here is another modification for the S.  Each
mod' is intended to increase the vehicle's aerodynamic

Back in the early prototype days of the S we all saw advertising photos
of the S with a fully blocked out grill.  Loved this look and it even brought back
memories of the EV1's grill-less presentation.  We were certainly
in-favor of a final design with a no-grill system; but
also understood the manufacturer's (and the publics') fear of
change or design ques too unusual for a modern marketing campaign.  In the
end Tesla opted for a grill system which bettered their low speed impact
results and increased hot weather cooling capacity.  It just looked too
normal for us.  Their choice, although good for other reasons, ultimately increased
the S's front-end aerodynamic drag and  reduced overall
range - even if ever so slightly.

Well, " we want range " over those other benefits so we
thought it would be fun to make a grill-less system in-memory of the
original prototype S's.

Our initial design goal was to mock the prototype grill (v1), but we realized that
the top of the original prototype grill was actually part of
the hood, and that after a detailed front-end inspection of the production grill
we found that the front edge of the hood system extends above the ' grill-surround '
causing a vertical (frontal) gap.  Consequently we believe that
additional aerodynamic gains can be made by extending the new grill system upwards
to secure a frontal transition with a horizontal (upward) gap between the
grill and hood.  With this additional change, the new system will incorporate
the " grill " and " grill-surround " (separate parts) into a single  element.  We also
plan to paint the new grill area to match car color, further incorporating
the nose area into the overall vehicle body.

Theories are always fun, we will soon see if it works in the wild.

We hope to have a prototype by mid '14.

Questions? feel free to contact us at;   model_s@tzev.com
2012 Tesla Model S
(BEV) Battery Electric Vehicle


v1 - beginning