1995 Impact L.S.R. (Land Speed Record) Prototype
Nicknamed "Sunnyside Up"

GM Impact set an electric vehicle Land Speed Record
of 183mph in Fort Stockton, TX c1994

The LSR prototype modifications included:

1) The addition of six (6) additional 12V batteries to the regular pack to raise
the voltage from 312vdc nominal to 384vdc totaling 20 kWh
traction pack. Additionally, using an assumed 14.8V as a fully
charged level for each 12V battery then, means that the end-of-charge
pack voltage was in the neighborhood of 484V.

2) Added aerodynamic modifications, including a) taping seams and
headlights; b) adding an aerodynamic tail-cone; c) removing mirrors; d)
adding bonneville wheel discs, and; e) xxx; the GM engineers were able to
achieve a drag coefficient of 0.137 on the LSR car.
The production EV1 yielded a 0.195 CD.

3) The standard Impact/EV1 motor/transaxle had a low-geared 11/1 gear
reduction ratio. This design helped the Impact’s induction motor
to rev' quickly as it magnified torque through the numerically high gear ratio
allowing the Impact a 0-60mph time of 7.7 seconds. In the late
1990s that was considered extremely quick on the
low end, but limited the top speed to 80 mph, where the induction motor
spins at 13,500 RPM. Alternatively, the race-prepped the
race-prepped Impact’s transaxle had a much taller 3/49 ratio allowing
for higher top-end speed.
4)  Engineers made modification to the inverter to handle the
higher voltages and put-up more current, eliminated the electronic governor (that
capped the system at 80 mph/13,500 RPM).  A little known fact


is the the Impact/EV1 motor is capable of spinning up to 24,000 RPM.


Part of the equation:
Areo' + RR + Voltage + Inverter Amperes = Speed


The LSR run.  The impact did a rolling start and took over
five (5) miles to hit its top speed.

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