ACP Honda eCivic BatOp
Traction Pack

The ACP eCivic's battery configuration includes 28 series connected Optima
deep cycle (Yellow Top) modules designated D750S. Each module is a
52 Ah (C/2), 280 W/kg, sealed, maintenance free, with ‘Gates’ spiral cells.
Overall traction pack weight of 1200 lb. with an actual pack voltage ~ 360 V and
a total pack capacity of ~ 16 kWh.

This particular eCivic has an upgraded battery management system designated
the ACP ‘BatOp’ featuring higher charging voltage balancing.
The eCivic's traction pack has a fast charge capability of < 1 hour with a
220 V, 80A outlet.  The eCivic has two on-board battery management
computers, both with the ability to download serial data for review and diagnosis.

The eCivic's other accessories include a 12A load to discharge
system, a custom winch for raising and lowering the traction pack,
communications cable extender (for testing pack prior to installation), and several
spare Batops individual battery monitoring units.
ACPropulsion also developed a pack specific BatOp User Manual, and
complete development instructions for traction pack servicing and installation.
The Beata eCivic also has three different versions of the
battery charging software (IC chips).

Although the Beata Collection has not persued replacing this eCivic's
traction pack the previous owner, an Optima Engineer,
was kind enough to provide the following traction pack replacement
photographs for documentation.