1997 Rav4-EV Valadation Prototype Traction Pack detail

This page displays an early version '97 Rav4-EV traction battery
pack with c1996 Panasonic EV-95 NiMH 12v nominal
modules.  Note the white plastic covers which were replaced in later models
in favor of an individual rubber cap design.

There are three other notable physical differences between
this early design and the later 2002/'03 production models, including:

1) the early design emergency disconnect is located at the front
of the pack, a.k.a. in
the front seat right-side floor area
later models had the disconnect moved to
the rear
aligning the disconnect with the drivers side (US)
rear seat floor board;

2) the early design battery control module ECU is
located in the middle tray whereas in
later models the ECU
was moved to the forward tray; and,

the ambient air fan cooling supply,
which was a single, seperate, front mounted fan in '97, was
later integrated
into the tray, expanded to a dual fan system, and
moved to the rear section of the pack