1999 Chrysler EPIC Specifications



Powertrain: AC induction motor 100 hp peak / 75 hp continuous.
Single speed front-wheel-drive transaxle.

Batteries: Nickel-metal-hydride 336 volts (28 12-volt modules).
Anticipated battery life 4-6 years.

Charging: Compatible with off-vehicle charger – 208/240-volt,
up to 60-amp circuit
(approximately 6 to 8 hour charge time)
Quick charge capability (440-volt public
charging facility where available)

Chassis: 5800 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
925-pound payload.
Heavy duty shocks springs and struts.
Cast aluminum wheels.
P205/75R/15 low rolling resistance tires.

Performance: 0 to 60 mph in 17 seconds and top speed of 80 mph.
Range of 80 to 90 miles (SAEJ1634
combined city/highway in warm weather with
no accessories.
Range is reduced in cold weather and varies
with driving conditions and driving style.

Standard Equipment:

Dual air bags
Anti-lock brakes
Regenerative braking
Power steering
Power Brakes       
Power door locks
Four doors plus rear hatch back
Air conditioning and heater
Rear defrost
Sunscreening glass
AM/FM radio
Rear wiper
Off Vehicle Charger

Warranty: Vehicle and battery: 3-year/36,000 mile
limited warranty.