1999 Chrysler OEM EV

" EPIC "

--->   Electric Powered Intraurban Commuter   <---


Vehicle Description

The 1999 Dodge Caravan SE, or EPIC, for "Electric Powered
Intraurban Commuter"
is an OEM Chrysler production vehicle
that followed their earlier variant,
the 1993 Dodge/Chrysler TEVan.
Both the EPIC and TEVan were manufactured at
Chrysler’s Canadian
assembly line in Windsor, Ontario.  In 1998
Chrysler originally announced a production goal
of 2,000 units for
1999 but it is thought Chrysler achieved no more then a
dozen vehicles by the end of production.

The EPIC’s top speed is governed at 80mph / 128kph and
accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 16 seconds with a stated range
of 60mi / 96km.  Constant speed range at 45mph yielded 116mi,
with energy used of 28.5kW, an average power of 11.09kW
and 245 Wh/mile.  Alternatively at a constant speed range at 60mph
the EPIC yielded 81.2mi, with energy used of 27.61kW, an
average power of 20.18kW and 340Wh/mile. Some performance
testing has yielded as much as 112 miles of range in
varying conditions.

The EPIC’s seating capacity equals 5 adults with a curb weight
of 4,876lbs. / 2,215Kg and a GVWR 5,800lbs. / 2631Kg including
a payload capacity of 925lbs. / 420Kg.  The EPIC’s dimensions
are 185.8in. / 4720mm length; 75.8in / 1925mm width;
70.3in / 1785mm height; 5.2in / 132mm ground clearance at GVWR;
and, has a wheelbase of 113.3in. / 2878mm.  The EPIC
has heavy duty shocks, springs and struts to accomidate the traction
pack weight.

The EPIC has a 3-Phase SatCon AC Induction Motor with 100 peak
HP / 75 HP continuous, with an oil cooled single
-speed front
wheel drive transaxle with nominal D/drive, R/reverse, N/neutral,
& P/park shifting regiment.  The EPIC uses a Chrysler
Pentastar controller.

Batteries include 28 Saft Nh12.1, 12 Volt nominal, 82ah (C/3)
Nickel-Metal Hydride modules weighing 41.5lbs / 18.8Kg each using
a water cooled thermal system in a under-floor aluminum
structured traction pack.  Nominal traction pack voltage equals
336 volts with a Lockheed-Martin 14.4kW charging system fed by an
off-board Lockheed Martin conductive combined Level II or III
charger built exclusively for the EPIC.  The vehicle uses an ODU
connector/coupler unique to the EPIC.

The EPIC is capable of charging at Level II: 208/240 volt, single
phase, to 10kW Max @ 400v with a 0 to 100% charging time of 4-5
hours; or, a Level III output of: 208 volts, 3-phase, to 14.4kW Max
@ 400v with a 0 to 100% charging time of 30 minutes at 2
miles per minute of range replenishment.

Standard OEM tires were Goodyear Momentum P205/75R15 XL
inflated to F/R 50 psi. to improve RR (rolling resistance).

The EPIC’s instrumentation includes gauges for battery temp; SOC
(state of charge); power usage (0 to 100%); power remaining, and a
power limit warning tell-tale.  An unusual feature of the EPIC
is its audible warning that announces SOC % remaining
both at 2/3rds (33% SOC) discharge and at charge initiation. "The
EV is 23% charged".

The EPIC’s heater is a heat pump style unit with a PTC
3-stage Ceramic core.

EPICs also feature typical dealer options including AM/FM Stereo
Radio/Cassette; Tilt Steering Wheel; Electric Air
Conditioning/Heat Pump; Electric Heater/Defroster;  Side Window
Demisters; Driver & Front Passenger Air Bags; Solar tinted glass in
front of B-pillars; solar privacy glass to the rear; Halogen Headlights;
Intermittent Windshield Wipers; Heated Backlight Electric
Wiper De-Icer; Power Steering; Power Brakes - front disc. -
rear drum; Anti-Lock Brakes; Regenerative Braking; Power Door
Locks; and a BEMS - Battery Energy Management System
(tracks the I/O of each traction module).

Although in the 1993 Dodge TEVan engineers utalized a
DC/DC Converter to maintain that vehicle’s
12v systems with no auxilery battery; the 1999 EPIC utalizes a standard
PbA (lead acid) auxiliary battery which is maintained by a
DC/DC Converter from the traction pack.  The EPIC’s system is
designed to check the auxiliary battery every 30 minutes
and top off the charge to 13.7v if found below
a resting 12.3v level.

The Beata Collection's EPIC remains in OEM survivor factory
condition and includes an original NiMH traction pack and six (6)
Lockheed Martin conductive pedistal chargers.


There are four (4) EPICs known to exist c2023