2001 AC Propulsion Prototype RXT-G III

" RXT-G III - 20kW Output"

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Vehicle Description

Designed by AC Propulsion & Alan Cocconi
LongRanger III (v3)

The LongRanger III (20kW) as pictured below, utilized a 500cc water
cooled ICE.  There are three (3) known examples; one on the
yellow tzero pictured below (owned by ACP), a second on the red
tzero pictured below (owned in Germany), and the third
is the TMC commissioned  prototype (pictured in white) for the
2001 NiMH Rav4-EV.

This TMC 20kW unit holds a larger 9 US gallon fuel tank,
active electronic 'BackTracker' steering (custom ACP designed),
electronic throttle control, dual cat's and pre & post
2 sensors, custom FI, an aluminum racing radiator, and a
remote oil cooler and filter.

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