Mission Statement

By Introduction

We maintain the Beata Electric Motor Carriage Collection
in Vail, Colorado.
The collection is dedicated to 1990’s vintage
OEM BEV/ZEV (Original
Equipment Manufacture – Battery
Electric Vehicles / Zero
Emissions Vehicles) for the purposes of show,
display, historical
documentation & education.

The collection currently includes twelve (12) vehicles of
technological significance showcasing the technologies involved in the
development of the modern electric vehicle and concentrates on the
1990 to 2003 development period sparked by the 1990
CARB (California Air Resources Board) ZEV (Zero-emissions vehicle)
mandate.  That mandate required major automobile suppliers
to offer zero emissions vehicles in order to continue sales of their
gasoline powered vehicles in California after 2003.  Auto makers
consequently embarked on efforts to develop BEVs-ZEVs to meet that
mandate during the 1990s time line, but eventually abandoned those
programs when the mandate was lessened.  This set of events
led to many of these vehicles of early BEV-ZEV technology being
destroyed and forgotten to history.   The Beata Electric Motor Carriage
Collection is dedicated to finding, acquiring, and preserving those
vehicles and their technologies as developed in that period.

The collection currently holds vehicles of significance including
both General Motors examples, the EV1 and the S10-E; both
Chrysler examples, the TEVan and the EPIC, the Nissan example,
the Altra-EV; two forms of the Toyota example, an early  prototype
SWB RAV4-EV and a later production RAV4-EV, along with Toyota’s
Prototype 20kW series RXT-G (Range Extending Trailer – Generator); two
A.C. Propulsion Prototype RXT-G units (9kW and 16KW outputs);
an A.C. Propulsion eCivic; and rounding out the collection
three post era EVs, a Pheonix SUT AWD Prototype, gen1 Nissan Leaf
and gen1 Tesla Model 'S'.

The collection also holds a library of period BEV-ZEV
literature, including owner’s and service manuals and sub-collections
of various related engineering sub-systems such as the
Hughes Power Systems early inductive charging
systems, among others.


Pronunciation "Beata " = " Bee-ah-ta "
A German female given name derived from the
Latin beatus, meaning "blessed"