1996 Toyota OEM EV

" Rav4-EV Valadition Prototype"

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Vehicle Description

Early Toyota prototype SWB 2-door Rav4-EVs had identification
VIN numbers beginning with BEA-11G, and
later ECA-10G, to identify factory prototyping development.

The Beata Collection's example is of the ECA-10G variety
as pictured below and is believed to be one of the first two units of
this version produced in 1996 although VIN'ed as a 1997.

Note: this is an original  Japan Spec'  right-hand drive vehicle.

This vehicle has the earliest version of the Yazaki pre j1772 charging
coupler as well as fully developed Yazaki DC/DC fast charging
capabilities.  Also of Interest, the technology  that is DC/DC charging is
called Supercharging in today's vernacular since
Tesla coined that term for marketing  purposes in 2012.  We find
it curious that the public-at-large believes that Tesla
invented DC/DC charging along with many modern electric car technologies
by itself, when indeed, Tesla's claim to success
is more accurately in-line with manufacturing, i.e.: 'availability',
and the inherent 'marketing' of those preexisting technologies rather
then the actual creation of same.

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