Range.  Range.  Range.


We have all heard about range anxiety.  Remembering that
the 'S'
is a 2012, and back at that time we had to manually determine
our range depending on variables we did not fully
understand, even though our household had the good fortune to have
been driving electric for almost a decade. Wind, rain, cold,
hot, hills, traffic, and speed, etc. are just a few variable we
were starting to understand.  Superchargers did not exist, although
a few were just starting to appear in some areas (not ours).  The
following SS was an attempt to track range via Wh/mile (watt hours
per mile),
the only real-time measure Tesla had at the time
(beyond the basic 'rated range' or 'ideal range'
calculations which did not take the aforementioned variables
into consideration. Fortunately, w
e became very adept at manually
calculating how far we could venture, and today, we still use
those manual calc's form time to time when the
vehicle's computers seem to vary from our gut estimates.

All in a good days fun.  Here is one perspective on those
calc's we used back-in-the-day.

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