Traction Motor / Transaxle

Impact/EV1 development prototype - 102kW


This is an early version of what would become the EV1 traction motor  
and gear reduction drive as manufactured In August of 1992.
It is an
induction type 3 phase Motor with a fixed
gear reduction drive
and differential.

This specific motor / transaxle was either used in one of the early  
development Geo Storm platforms (1991/’92 time frame) or in the early
development fleet platform  of 1992/’93).

As noted development and testing of various EV1 subsystems was
initially conducted in Geo
Storm platforms and included, but
was not limited to,
friction/regen braking and propulsion systems
development.  Dyno development tests were also run
during this period out of the
Castleton/Anderson, Indiana area where
Motors/Delphi had development facilities.

The next phase of EV1 development included the PrEView LPF
(Limited Production Fleet) of
1992/’93.  The PrEView
LPF included ~50 hand
built vehicles that were used to gather
feedback in various cities throughout the United States
(pictures are shown in our Impact prototype section
in the various time periods).

The PrEView LPF fleet lead directly to the production EV1 in 1996,
although there were minor
upgrades/changes to the motor
assembly before the EV1's initial release
in December '95.

To our knowledge all PrEView vehicles were destroyed, none
were sold and
none were donated.


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