This is written one week  before the forth anniversary of
ownership of a 2012 Tesla Model 'S'.  The car has approximately 112,000 miles
and has driven coast to coast twice, and Colorado to California
and back just less then a dozen dimes.

Overall we would not consider buying another Tesla  due to the recurring parts and
service issues, although we certainly enjoy early adapting &  supporting Tesla
and EVs in general.

Pro's and Con's
2012 Tesla Model S
(BEV) Battery Electric Vehicle


-- 4 windscreen replacements.  (one on warranty,
three @ +/- $1,500 ea.)

-- 4 sets of tires

-- 3 of 4 doors no longer 'present' on touch, one
door no longer opens from inside or outside,
Tesla declines to warranty.

-- Rear hatch leaks water.  warranty repair

-- Front window 1/4 glass howls in windy
conditions.  Tesla declines to warranty.

-- Front airdam failure @ 2 yrs.  One of four
airdams (two forward under grill, two rear in
wheel wells) failure.  Tesla declines to warranty.

-- MCU/CID crash @ 3 yrs, 5% conductivity to
maps, internet, and other functions.  Tesla
declined to warranty until we refused to fund
repairs, then learned that they found MCU/CID
physically damaged by Tesla personnel, either
on initial build or subsequent service which they
then agreed to warranty.  After repairs we then
found several important features, including the
GPS, non-functional causing more grief.

-- 4 auxiliary battery replacements (3 proactive
on failure warning, one from systems crash and
subsequent tow / rental car / weeks to repair, all
800 miles from base.

-- 80% failure rate on TPMS system.  After 3
years of failure warnings and subsequent crash
of whole system, Tesla admitted the early (pre-
56k units) system was defective and upgraded
the system to the new Continental brand on

-- 1 traction battery pack replacement (proactive
on contractor warranty recall).  Received another
car's used pack, rather than new parts.

-- 1 traction motor replacement (proactive on
armature whine).  Recieved another car's used
motor, rather then new parts.

-- Original order not fulfilled correctly due to
salesman's terminology gaffe and Tesla's refusal
to correct same (a single 10kW A/C charger
rather then the "full charging capabilities" as
specified to Tesla salesperson).

-- Overall concerns about inability to replace
various components without Tesla service and/or
reprogramming of same.  This leads to Tesla's de
facto control of product from future 3rd party
repair, escalates cost basis, and leaves
consumers unavailable to non-Tesla options for
future viability.

-- normal EV benefits including quite running, no
shifting, easy smooth acceleration.

-- Range, range, range.  Testa certainly has the
market on range.  As noted above we have
traveled cross country and achieved +/- 225
miles of fairly 'secure' range when charged to
full capacity.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.

-- Cross country supercharger (DC/DC fast
charging) grid.  An excellent viable travel grid if
only we can keep the car functioning to use it.
112,000 miles / <4 years
Thumbs up
on just being an electric car