These pictures  show same advertising and the actual
Car-side reciever from the
c1993/'94 Hughes Mange Charge paddle configuration.

We are looking for any parts to these old style paddle & charge
units for a restoration / history project.  Any
condition, working or not.

If you have, or know of one, please contact us at

magnecharge (at) tzev (dot) com
Magne Charge - Thin Paddle - c1993 - '94 (v1)
Hughes Power Control Systems
Has anyone seen
one of these? -- or --
was this just a
advertising desplay

Please contact us if
you have knowledge
of any of these units
as we are restoring
several units
pg. 6 of 7 - Car side reciever
charger looked like
the later thick paddle
units  although some
were painted in a
darker main color

The paddles on these
early units are
9.26mm (.355 in)
wide.  The larger
paddles are 12.7mm
(.5 in) wide.

If anyone knows of
one of these old units
please contact us at
our e-mail listed

Most of these units
were recalled by GM
in 1995 and upgraded
to the later, and more
thick-paddle design.

We are looking for one
of the earlier
thin-paddle units to test
our thin-paddle
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