This page is dedicated to documentation on
the first version, or earliest version
of the Hughes Power Control Systems Magne Charge early "thin"

First, we have a video presentation done in 1994 showing grid "Load
Management" system in development by Hughes.  It also
includes an overview of the v1 Magne Charge system
using the early thin paddles.

The next set of pictures  show some of the various advertising
for the early thin paddles of the
c1993/'94 Hughes Mange Charge paddle configuration.

If you have, or know of one, please contact us at

magnecharge (at) tzev (dot) com
Magne Charge - Thin Paddle - c1993 - '94 (v1)
Hughes Power Control Systems
Here are some early
marketing materials on
the thin paddle Mange
Charge systems.

Note that the paddle
pictures are of slightly
different styles and
colors as we believe
these are all 'prototype'
examples of the actual
paddles pictured above.

This is the earliest
version of the Hughes
Power Systems Magne
Charge EV charger.  

The early paddle is
substantially thinner
the  later versions.

We are looking for one
of these early thin
pg. 1 of 7 - Paddles

We are looking for an early "thin" paddle charger c1993 / '94.  As shown, the
paddle reciever on our system is <
9.26mm ( .355 in. ) wide.

They were re-called and replaced with the 13mm (1/2")
paddles in '95/'96 so we know that they
are long since obsolete.

This early paddle substantially thinner then the post '95 units
used in '96 - '03 EV1s, '97-'98 S10Es, '98 Nissan Altra EV, and later
in the Toyota Rav4-EV, all widely known as
LPI (Large paddle inductive) or SPI (Small paddle inductive).

If you know of a possible source for an old Magne
Charge paddle please write us at:

 magnecharge (at) tzev (dot) com --

--- > Thank you  < ---
This is a demonstration
video from Hughes Power
Systems c1994 showing
their Magne Charge units
and their then grid / utility
control Load

Considering this is
vintage 1994 research, it
is very interesting

In the video an early
thin-paddle Magne
Charge unit is used to
demonstrate the use of
Hughes' Load
Management grid / utility
controls.  The video also
shows the front ends of
the early EV1 as display

We have posted this
video as it has the best
actual pictures we have
located to date showing
how "thin" the original
early version Magne
Charge paddles were, <
9mm wide.


We are looking for these old style 'thin' paddles
& charge units for a restoration / history project.  Any
condition, working or not.
Here are some actual
pictures of the Magne
Charge 1993
"thin-paddle" Magne
Charge parts we are
looking for.
It is difficult to see in
these grainy pictures, but
note how absolutely “ thin
” the paddle is when
viewed from the side.
curved band – the later
the handle to the curved
of the early 'thin' paddle
version ('93-'94), vs.
the next version LPI
(Large Paddle
Inductive) ('96-'99), vs.
the TMC developed SPI
(Small Paddle
Inductive) ('02-'03).
side) is the LPI ('96-'99),
the second is the SPI
('02-'03) and the last
two are early 'thin'
paddle  ('93-'94).

We can see that the
thin paddle is tapered,
and in the pictures that
follow below has a
varied "shaded" or
"lightened" area
across the handle area.

Also of note is the "V"
shape of the early thin
paddle vs. the more
beefer construction of
the later two paddles.