The pictures below show the various programing
screens available in the MC software.

Unfortunately SOC % calculations were not added to
the system until integretion with the PCM and BPCM in later
Magne Charge - LPI programing '96 -'97 (v2)
These images
represent the various
user controlled
charge programing
capabilities of the
early (pre 1997) GM
Magne Charge units.

Programing is
embedded in the
car-side controller
unit and can  be
modified via a WIN98
or earlier PC with
EV.00.e software.  An
external MAX232
serial adapter and
appropriate DB & DE9
cabling is required.

Interestingly, GM setup
the units to only accept
reprogramming when
the paddle is inserted
and the unit is

Reprogramming then takes
affect after the paddle is
removed and reinserted.
Consequently, if you are
reprogramming an old unit
from a completely different
configuration, it may be
difficult to keep your unit
running long enough to
accept the new configuration
before shutting down.