These pictures below show the various components of the
pre-1997 stand alone MC system.
Magne Charge - LPI components '96 -'97 (v2)
This is our test box
for the MC systems.

To the lower right are
the paddle reciever
and controller units,
and to the left is the
coversion unit..  The
MC is primarilary
made up of these
three units.

The black unit on the
right is a DC/DC
converter for 12v
supply and not part of
the original MC
Various closeup of
the equipment.
We have added two
panel meters to track
pack voltage and
amperage in the
upper left corner.
This shot shows our  
Win98) used for
programing changes
to the software.

We have three
versions of the

1) c1996_EV13172
2) c1996_EV14043
3) c1997_EV.00.e_cc200

MC systems post
1997 were
integreated into GMs
We added two 5vdc
power supplies to
meters mentioned
The MC systems had
two versions of the
paddle reciever.  
Pictured to the right is
the newer version
which has been
upgraded to liquid

Another picture of the
entire system follows.
The controller unit.
The conversion unit.
The original style of
paddle reciever unit.

We understand that
there was a charging
event fire c2000 with
one of these units
being the source.  
That fire lead to a
recall and upgrades
of all S10-Es and
EV1s to the liquid
cooled unit noted