1994 (PreView 'Impact'), EV1 1997 & 1999 BEV

General Motors 'Impact' & 'EV1' BEV


Yes, there are a few EV1s still around

Museums, Universities, a few in private hands and GM still has
several at different facilities.  For those who have an EV1, we
have been assisting folks in locating parts so let us know what items
you need.  We will be happy to locate them for you or
recommend alternatives.  For those with parts to share please feel free to
contact us
at ev1 (at) tzev (dot) com and we will
see them put to good use.


EV1 Description

The General Motors EV1 was an electric car produced
and leased by the General Motors Corporation from 1997 to 1999.
It was the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of the
modern era from a major automaker, and the first GM car
designed to be an electric vehicle from the
outset. The decision to mass-produce an electric car came
after GM received a favorable reception for its 1990 'Impact' electric concept
car, upon which the design of the EV1 drew heavily. Inspired
partly by the Impacts perceived potential for success,
the California Air Resources Board (CARB) subsequently passed
a mandate that made the production and sale of zero-emission vehicles a
requirement for the seven major auto makers selling cars in the United
States to continue to market their vehicles in California. The EV1 was made
available to the public  through limited lease-only agreements.
EV1 lessees were officially participants in a
"real-world engineering evaluation" and market study
into the feasibility of producing and
marketing a commuter electric vehicle in select U.S. markets
undertaken by GM's Advanced Technology
Vehicles group. The cars were not available for purchase, and
could be serviced only at designated
Saturn dealerships.


The Beata Collection's EV1 ...

... is made from over fifty (50) different EV1 parts sources to date, and,
at 80% complete is getting closer to free-range every year.  We are
currently (as always) searching for a number of OEM parts and
always appreciate leads for same.  
Here is a list
in order of importance of the parts we would like to obtain to
help bring our chassis a bit closer to survivor status.

We already have parts from
all three versions of the EV1, including the
'94 LPF4 PreView 'Impact' series (Limited Production Fleet),
and the '97 and '99 production EV1
badged vehicles.

The Beata EV1 is usually in some sort of flux, building and/or
rebuilding one system or another.  Currently we are
working on RXT-G style series-hybrid modifications (see this site's
prototypes section) as well as several other
wiring and systems projects.


A few 'green-baby' pictures are posted below