IPC Systems
(Instrument Panel Cluster)


The IPC is an interesting part of the EV1 electronic systems.  Each of
the components in the EV1 are designed serve as controllers
for various sub-systems.  Linking these sub-systems are three (3) junction
boxes, the front-left (LHJB), the front-right (RHJB) and the trunk (TJB) junction
box.  The IPC, RSA, APCM, BPCM, PIM, PSCM, BTCM, etc., and  other
switching then run through the various JBs to control / report / modify the vehicle's
electronic systems.

One would initially think that an IPC would only be 'displaying' data, but
in the EV1's environment it is actually controlling several functions, to name only
one, the power steering control in- and outputs.

A well deserved thank you to John Wayland of Portland area White Zombie
and EV2 fame for his kind donation of this IPC to our project.

The following are some initial pictures of one of the Beata EV1s
initial IPC power-up.  These were taken long before the majority of  systems
were up and running.