R.S.A. = Run - Shift - Assembly


One of the unique features of the EV1 fleet was a clean, sparce dash
board design. The majority of the EV1's control switches
reside on the RSA. There is no ignition key for the EV1, only a
passcode. The doors can be unlocked on an exterior keypad,
and keys can be utalized as backups for the doors and trunk.

The collection currently has several RSAs in varying conditions.  A few
NOS units, a pair of used, and one that is damaged. All
are operable with known passcodes, with the exception
of that last unit, from which an earlier owner removed its electronics in
favor of other after-market components. Oh well.

The modified RSA is pictured under the link RSA 2. We believe that every
part is worth saving on such rare vehcile.