EV1 Frame Front Cross Bar Gussets


Upon acquisition, the collection's first EV1 was missing much
of its front frame structure and several components
had to be remanufactured from various pictures and drawings
as available. This page displays the process of beginning to determine
what options we had to recreate the missing components.

The EV1 uses forward machine stamped gussets to support the forward
cross-bar assembly.  Here are some pictures of the process we
encountered in making replacement gussets.

Rather then a machine stamping process which would have been
prohibitively expensive for a low quantity of parts, we chose to make  custom
units through a waterjetting process. Interestingly the EV1's Body Repair
Manual mirrored the process we utalized to repair this
section, with the exception of the machine stamping spares.

With no parts available for comparision
we developed the forward cross
bar gussets from
scratch with historical drawings and
photographs, mostly from the EV1 manuals.

Here are
a few pictures of the results including some of the original OEM
body repair manual schematics.