EV1 Nose - Red

Display / Demonstration Nose


This is one of our more interesting acquisitions. We acquired it from a
former Hughes engineer in Torrance. Purchased entirely on a
set of distant pictures, crated, and shipped halfway across the country.

At first, we thought it was an 1994 Impact LPF nose. As you will see in
the first picture, the cut angle between the nose and its
corresponding right-front-fender is 'L' shaped, much like the Impact
fleet in '94. Upon arrivial we were able to see the left-side fender connection,
and realized that it is a later EV1 piece. Oh well. We were
looking forward to acquiring the Impact unit as we already had stock of
several EV1 noses. But as we say, any part is better then no part, and this
is a very nice addtion to the collection even if a bit
later then we had hoped.

Also notice, that this nose was not fitted to a vehicle. It is a display,
deomonstration nose for some unknown purpose. It has a sub frame that
bolts up to a leveling frame that holds the nose off the ground. We have
seen GM use Impact display noses in demonstrations previously, but this one,
as an EV1 nose, would be expected to be 1995 or later, and not
the 1992/'93 vintage we had previously identified.

So far, we have chosen not to restore this piece even though
it would be a rather simple restoration. The headlights, although damaged from
the LA sunshine are currently desgined to be
restored and fitted to the Test-buck build in years to come.