Powered by 30 6v nominal Nickle-Iron (NiFe)

Edison batteries mirroring the original
TEVan traction pack.


We have heard (c2005) much talk about the potential development
of range extending
trailer applications in theory, but have
not f
ound anyone verifying the concept
by building a prototype.

Since we had an entire extra set of EP NiFe 200 AH batteries
we decided to give the RXT-B (range extending trailer - battery) a real

life test.  Of course, one should always start with the theoretical, so
here is a bit
of data to share.

The TEVan has a single-string 180v pack that consists of 30
200AH modules
and weighs 1,650 lbs.  The vehicle has a
total OEM weight of 5,000lbs and a published
80 mile range.  By
adding a RXT-B as a second, parallel string, we
the overall vehicle weight by 1,650lbs.

The question is what additional range would we be expected
to achieve with the second string?
he math equation would be as follows:  “from the relation
range [km] = capacity [kwh] x 250 / mass [kg] ^ 0.6I”.
doubling the energy capacity while
increasing weight by 33% gives a range
increase of X 1.68 or a
135 mile range. 135 miles
on a TEVan would be
impressive.  So we are off to try the experiment.

The following photographs represent the project status
from inception to
present, c2005, and although it is not
yet completed, it is getting close.


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